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My most persistent dream since I was a little girl was to have kids, even if I denied it at times. Imagine my surprise at discovering that I love my husband more than any other human on earth. We met in a hilariously pedestrian manner. Since then we have walked through some twists in the path that were unexpected: infertility, losing a brother too soon, postpartum depression, and breast cancer. Now that my treatment is over, our path has become a trek into untouched jungle. I still feel astonished to say, we need a gracious person to, one-by-one, try to carry our last three embryos through pregnancy so we can bring them home if God wills it. We have no idea how to fulfill this commitment, but already we see God at work, guiding us in battles we never imagined, so that we can give our little ones a chance at life.

But I am not going to write about what makes us unique. I am going to write about what makes us normal: struggles, doubts, hopes, fears. My mind is a very dark place, but He has never failed me yet. You will see glimpses of me taking all of that mess to God's Word. Because I believe that the infinite God is strong enough to handle all my questions. Because I believe His Word is sure, life-giving, essential. Because His Word shows me who He is. And He is the One who has carried me this far.

We have always lived in Pennsylvania. I love the green summers and endure the long winters. Our four spunky, sometimes sassy, girls are our greatest joy and challenge. We love animals, sometimes despite our better judgment. We relax by going outside or being with friends. Preferably both at once.

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